Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Recap - Imperfectly Perfect...Know Your Worth Conference

I had the opportunity to attend a conference hosted by the Founder of The Confessions of Being a Lady, Victoria Long on Saturday, February 20. It was held at the Vestavia Library (Library in the Forest) and it was great. The theme for this conference was Imperfectly Perfect...Know Your Worth. This ministry is for the purpose to encourage women that have been in any type of abusive relationship (family, friends, marriage, dating, and work). You may see the outside of a person, but you don't know what it going on, on the inside of them. Ms. Victoria Long was a victim of domestic and verbal abuse. So her goal is to bring this awareness to the open and encourage ladies that you can get out of the situation and live life freely. The phrase for the event was: Worth can't be given. Worth can't be taken away. Your worth is your own. Know you worth, then love it! That's powerful! 

There were some great vendors there at the conference and they had great products. We had Younique, Scentsy, Paparazzi Jewelry, Avon, Health Wellness, and our very own, The Confessions of a Lady Boutique.  There were also some great door prizes that were given out (two free hair appointments, Imperfectly Perfect tote bags and t-shirts, Jewelry, make-up tote bage, scentsy items, and so much more). It was a great time during the giveaways. People, such as myself, didn't expect to get anything, but we did! Oh, and the food, was great! Light and very tasteful. The decoration even complimented the theme and style of the event. 

Now, let's get to the event.

Ms. Dawn Tellis gave us some great and powerful words through her "Spoken Word" moment. She was also a victim of domestic abuse and she writes about how she overcame the hurting moments of being abused. She even mentioned that her daughter even saw some of the moments of abuse, so she knew she had to get out of there quickly. Not only for herself but for her daughter. She spoke on three pieces of her own work. The first one was titled That Girl. She was that girl that was just trying to see her way outside of her situation. The next one was titled Unspokenly Broken. Her life motto is "keep it moving" . During this, God allowed her to really look deep down on the inside and see herself. But when she escaped, she realize that she was "gracefully chosen". Her last piece was Let go and be free. This was mainly a conversation she had with God. He guided her and told her exactly what to do. 

After that, there was a brief intermission moment of more shopping and refreshments. 

Yummy and who doesn't love to shop. 
I do! After the intermission, it was time to enjoy some more of the special guests. 

The speakers for the event were Mrs. Starnisha Washington, Ms. Camelia Brownlee, and Mrs. Erika Evans. Each lady had their own experience of abuse but they all had something in common, they left the situation. 

Mrs. Washington was a mom at a young age, while still in high school, and had two children before her graduation. She married a man that she loved dearly but he was living a double life. He was married to another woman. Yes, you read it right. While she was married to this guy, he was married to another woman. She suffered with this for ten years. During that time, she and her children even went without water. But she still had to press her way through, for her children. She still carried herself as a lady but was broken on the inside. She then heard the voice of God telling her that He will take care of you. She had then had enough. She left that husband. She was still being abuse by family and friends but then she met her true love.  She has been married to her current husband for five years and between them both, they have six kids and one on the way. Mrs. Washington mentioned to us that her favorite scripture she lives by daily is Jeremiah 29:11. 

Ms. Brownlee is currently a student at Miles College, and a mother of two. She is also Ms. Birmingham for Ms. Plus Size Alabama. Her major at Miles College is Theatre. She was married for five years, then separated for one year. She too faced abuse during her marriage. She really didn’t want to leave her husband but at the same time she didn’t want to continue to go through the abuse. She was able to leave the abusive relationship but the heartache didn’t stop. When she moved out and got an apartment for her and her children, her husband stop paying the car note. The car got repossessed and it was hard to get back and forth. She still had to press her way through. Thankfully she has a great support system through her parents. She is preparing to go into her junior year at school and she is going to continue to live for her children. She also mentioned a great thing to do every morning; have mirror time. Ask yourself these three questions: 1) Who am I? 2) Who am I living for? 3) What do I want out of life?

Mrs. Evans came and put the icing on the cake. She was dealing with the abuse of eating her life away. It was the pain of life that was taking a toll on her. It was never physical abuse but she did have to deal with the process of going through several miscarriages in her first marriage. After a few of them, she was blessed to have a son and a daughter. She was overwhelmed with the heartache in her first marriage she divorced.  She got tired of the cheating. She got tired of the lying. She got tired of the hurt. But strangely, later down the road of life, she married him again. Most women wouldn’t do that, but she was willing to give him another opportunity. But that didn’t last long. After reviewing a text message from another woman (on the husband’s phone), she had had enough. She left before someone got hurt. So her and her children moved on with their lives and then she met her current husband. She too has been married for five years and as she stated “this one is a really good one”.  She made a statement that is very important. She stated “there is a difference in knowing and accepting something. When you accept something, you can change it”.

All of the speakers were wonderful and we all got great information. The key to realizing that there is a problem is that you must admit it. Once you admit it and face it, you can overcome it. Abuse comes in different areas of life and no one has to accept it. Make sure you have a close relationship with God and when He speaks, you will know it.  I learned a lot and was able to feel free after the event. I have never been physically abuse but the mental abuse, has scarred me but I won’t let it stop me from going forward in life. So this was truly something I needed.

Thank you Victoria for this opportunity and this is only the beginning to something great and big in the Magic City (Birmingham, AL).

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