Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our Voice Counts!

Well, ladies, today is SUPER TUESDAY. What does that mean? Today is the day many states go out and vote! This is the primary season for the upcoming Presidential race. Today also represents the Presidential candidates first feel of how the national election is going to take place. It usually propels the candidates for their party's nomination. So overall, today is a big day across the United States of America. We have heard the debates. We have heard the commercials. Some of us have even seen some of the candidates, face to face. So, we have to go out and make a difference. There are many delegates that are running for an opportunity to represent your district for the Presidential candidate. 

If you know of someone that doesn't have transportation to and from the polls, allow them to commute with you. 

If you know someone that isn't registered to vote, take them to the necessary location for them to get registered. They may not be able to participate in the voting today, but they can when the it comes up again. 

A lot of municipalities have many candidates that are running for local offices, please support them and vote for the right person. The local helps the state. The state helps the national. It's a cause and effect type thing. Never feel as your voice doesn't mean anything. Voting is so easy to do now but it has always been like that. It was a struggle to even be thought of to vote. This is as simple as GO & DO IT!! Don't allow anything nor anyone to get in your way and stopping you from voting. 




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