Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Cleaning Your House & Marriage!

The birds are starting to chirp. The flowers are starting to bloom. The days are starting to be a little longer. I can hear spring calling us all. That's right, spring is almost here. The first day of spring is Sunday, March 20, 2016. That's only 10 days from today. So we all know what that means? Yep, you said it, time for SPRING CLEANING! That's right, it is time to get your house clean and in order. It's also time to clean out your marriage (but in a good way). Let's all get ready to dust, mop, wash, bring out the bright colors, arrange a few furniture pieces, and introduce new and exciting things in the marriage. When we hear the words "spring cleaning", we automatically think of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Well, you can sorta do that in your marriage. You know, out with the old and in with the new right? Let's see where this is going.

When was the last time you all went on a date? Yeah, that long ago huh? Pull out that calendar and schedule a date. Fill in the empty space on the calendar that is just waiting for something to be put on there. Hey, you remember that black lace lingerie that you got maybe as a gift or you just wanted it, but it's been in your drawer collecting dust. Yep, that one. Take it out. Dust it out. Clean it up and PUT IT ON! One more thing. You know how that communication level has been locked in a box in the back of your mind because you both think on something negative that the other person is going to say about it, well, open it up and COMMUNICATE! Communication is very important in any type of relationship. If you don't have it, then how can you even call it a relationship, yet along a marriage. This is your spouse. This is your life long partner. This is the person that has seen your ups and downs and is still there with you. You two should be able to communicate with each other about anything.

Then, of course, there is the The clutter that you made during the fall and winter seasons, well, it's time to put those up in storage, and open the windows for a nice fresh crisp breeze to flow in and out your home. Take some bright colors and highlight each room with one. A little color goes a long way. Organize. Paint. Deodorize. Feel the breeze. Declutter for the spring. You will feel so much better.  There is nothing better than a clean, fresh home and a clean start to your marriage again! 

Allow the love birds to start chirping again in your marriage and in your home!!! 

 Until next time, 


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