Saturday, April 30, 2016

April was a hard one!!

Wait, what happened to the month of April? One day it was here and the next day it's gone! I have had one busy month. From going from a job career that I had been in for 15 years to a new one that I love doing. Many people know that I rather enjoy doing something daily than to waste my time in something that is not allowing me to grow and become better. Trust me, I learned a lot and that stage has prepared me for the next stage. Also, I have had to attend a funeral (and sung at everyone of them) except for today. Side note: I've been to my closet 3 times looking for clothes thinking I have some where to go and I don' please don't laugh at me.

I have also tackled on some personal issues this month that left some dark moments and I'm trying to get passed them. It's not easy being a wife, a mother, and especially a woman. We are like sponges; we soak in everything and as the sponge does, it over flows with soap suds when squeezed. Day after day. Night after night. We squeeze so much in our lives daily, we just overflow with so much suds that it over powers the sponge itself. Hope that analogy makes sense.  It's not an easy task but God won't put more on us that we (I) can bare.

Along the way I lost confidence and I lost spite of who I am. As I looked in the mirror, I didn't see La Costa. I saw someone that was broken, hurt, lost, confused, and really didn't want any one to throw any type of religion up in my face. Oh don't read this and feel sorry for me because some of you won't even come half in telling the truth about how you really feel. Overcoming situations is a process and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to go through this process. I'm learning and getting better. Someone once told me that the best way to realize that you have a problem, is to recognize the problem and face it. I know it's there, so now I'm ready to face it. If you don't face problems, good for you. Don't know how you can be human and not have them, but okay. But hey, the great thing about this is that I am going to come out bigger and better.  A new me is around the corner!

The ups and downs are a cycle of life. It's how life is lived. Nothing physical just all mental. I don't look down on anyone nor do I talk down on anyone because that thing called karma, I don't want it up on my life. Am I perfect? NO! Is my family perfect? NO! So there is no need for me to come down on anyone about anything, but many come down on my family and I like they are better. You keep doing what you're doing and trust me, your darkness will come to light without me loosing any sleep over it. Favorite passage in the bible for me is "If God be for your, who can be against you"(Romans 8:31 KJV). I'll just leave that there for you take that statement in!

So do I continue to weep? Nope! April showers bring May flowers right? Same thing with life. My tears fertilized my future for great things to come for me. Tell yourself that. I do! In my calendar (personal bible) that I take every where with me, I write down scriptures, quotes, and things to uplift my spirit. It's true you have to ENCORAGE YOURSELF! The tears washes away the fears!

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