Monday, May 2, 2016

5 Goals to do this month!

Hello May! So glad to see you. Hopefully you can be better to me than April was. She wasn't so nice. She brought all kinds of storms and showers throughout the month. So, since I have been fertilized, I can now bloom in your month.

Just a little encouragement I like to give to myself for this month! I am determined to pick myself up and go forward no matter what. So as I was preparing myself for my work day this morning, five major things came to mind that I want to tackle on this month. At first I was going to keep them to myself, but why hold on to something when it can bless others as well. So here we go:

1) Pray. Just that simple, PRAY! There is no better person than I can talk to than God. Yes, I have my husband. Yes, I have my friends. But the only that will not spread around what I talked about or hold it over my head for life, I'm going to God! No, I'm not a bible scholar and I don't pray like I should. I have fallen into that trap of praying to God when I am in need. But I am determined to do it everyday and be confident with it.

2) Love myself. When feeling down, hurt, tired, and confused, you don't care about anything. That can take a toll on your inner self. I am going to tell myself everyday (which I should have been doing that anyway), that I love myself. Sometimes we (I) get so focused on others saying it to me and I don't say it to myself. Well guess what, I love La Costa Denise Gaston (that's me)!!

3) Focus. Sometimes situations and people can come along and it completely throws you off track.  We start to "focus" on the situation and the people that we lose focus. Well, I'm going to start back "focus"ing on the important. I'm going to start "focus" on what will make me better and make me grow. One of the definition of "focus" is the state of having a clear visual. So now I am going to make sure that I have a clear visual on what means something to me.

4) Have Purpose. In life, there is a PURPOSE for everything! Whether it is good or bad, it has a purpose behind it. I may not know at that moment what the purpose is, but God will allow me to see it before it ends. If it doesn't do me any good in the beginning, then there is no purpose for me to continue to deal with it. That's just like toxic people in my life. There is no purpose for them to be there. So, I separate myself from them and keep it rolling!

5) Take care of yourself.  Stop stressing. Stop depending on others. Stop overeating. Stop putting more on yourself than you can handle. Things like this, can hurt you in more ways than you can imagine. It's not healthy. It's not the thing to do. So what I am determined to do is take an hour to myself throughout the day and JUST RELAX. My relaxing can be blogging, or watching HGTV, or just closing my eyes to rest them. It can be an hour at the gym (which I have started back doing). Whatever it is, I am determined to take care of myself and you should too.

These are five (5) major goals that I am focusing on this month to make things a little more simple in life. It's almost like pulling off layers of garlic. On the inside is the part that you need to give you the flavor. Outside, is the useless part that you don't need and just purely waste. I don't want to be around or be waste anymore in life. I'm getting older not younger!

Until next time,


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