Thursday, June 9, 2016

10 Summer Fun Family Ideas

Alright, the first official day of summer is almost here and it's time to think about what are we going to do for fun. Traveling? Beach trips? Bar-B-Que's? What if you can't travel this summer? Will you feel left out? You shouldn't. Will you be cutting your family short by not traveling? Of course not.  You can come up with ideas for you and you family to enjoy this summer, without having to drive out of state.

1) Water adventures. You can purchase a water slide or some type of water feature and prepare your front or back yard for the splash. If already had a swimming pool at your home, plan a nice family splash adventure in the comfort of your home.

2) Outdoor movie. Grab a sheet, a project, your laptop, and some yard chairs and show a movie on your house. Oh yeah don't forget the popcorn! You can grab a movie from Redbox for $1.50! I think the kids would enjoy it because of being outdoors.

3) Slumber party. Yes, this is still possible parents to do and prepare yourself. Invite a couple of kids to come over and enjoy a nice slumber party with your kids. Allow them to play games, eat what they want, and just have plain ole' fun. (Pull all electronic devices from them so that won't distract them. They need to have real fun!!) You can do a slumber party of your own to with the kids!

4) Local theme park. If there is a local theme park in your area, have a fun day there. Many offer summer discounts daily. Take plenty of water to keep you and the kids dehydrated in the heat!

5) Picasso Day. Paint. Paint Brushes. Drop Cloths. Aprons. Have fun!! Allow the kids to create a masterpiece.  Also, set up a bar for them with refreshments that they can enjoy while they create their portrait.

6) Tire Swing. Many of you haven't seen a tire swing since you were a kid. Find a tree, a long rope, and of course the tire, and create a fun summer activity the kids will enjoy.

7) Picnic & Park day. Pack a picnic basket. Take a ball and a kite. Go to your local park and enjoy the outdoors. Interact with your kids and have fun with them.

8) Summer Reading. Go to your local library and allow your kids to check out books to read over the summer. Reading is fundamental and fun. Also, while at the library, sign your child up for activities at the library that will keep them busy throughout the summer.

9) Concrete Art. What's that you ask? Well, go out and purchase some sidewalk chalk and allow your kid(s) to create art on the sidewalk and/or the driveway. Rinse off with your hosepipe and let them start all over again!

10) Memory Book. Grab an empty photo album and take pictures through out your summer adventures and create a Summer Photo Memory Book for keepsake.

There are many other activities that you can create for you and your family to have fun this summer. These activities take little or no money at all and you won't have to worry about not doing anything fun for the kids.


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