Monday, July 18, 2016

Certain Lists to have in a Marriage

So am I the only one that have about 10 lists through out the week to make my life simple and it's still a hectic mess?!?!? What's the purpose of the lists? The lists honestly reminds me of things I need to do. Well, have you ever thought about having lists for your marriage? What kind of lists are those? Well, I'm glad you asked. 

1) Bucket List
Now some may have this personally for themselves but you should have one for your marriage. Sit down with your spouse and make a bucket list of wild and fun things you should do together. 

2) Goal List
It's important to have a goal list for your marriage. This will give the marriage an opportunity to grow and become better, not only as an individual but as a partnership. 

3) To-Do List
A list of items to do at that present moment and in the future. (i.e. count to 10 before responding in anger; pray for yourself, spouse, and marriage). 

4) Trash List
A list of toxic things that are causing harm in your marriage. You don't want to hold on to these things because they are no good. 

5) Self-Check List
Outside of your personal check list, check yourself in your marriage. If you see that you are doing the same thing in your marriage and it's not getting better, then it is time for a self-check list. You both are there to make each other better not worse. 

Start making your lists today! 

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