Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th Blogiversary!!

4 years in the making and still counting!  4 years in blogging about my journey of being a wife and a woman! 4 years in learning how I have helped married women or soon to be married women make their journey a great one! 4 years in networking with other bloggers and attending many events to become a better blogger! 4 years in creating a brand that is a non-judgmental zone for wives.


Some didn't get past 4 months but I am here to make this journey of blogging one to get better and be like no other. I am creating a brand that wives don't have to be skeptical to where they will be judged about anything. I create ideas. I create happiness. I create joy. I create laughter. I create a brand where women can say they are proud to be a part of the Being A Wife Network.

Speaking of the Being A Wife Network, this was created on September 1, 2015, to allow the conversations of wives to continue on a regular basis through our Facebook group. It is still connected to the blog BUT the interaction is live and exciting everyday. I learned to separate the group page from the blog business page so the content won't be out of place. It won't have my guests wondering. It was a great idea. I can't believe that we are coming up on our one year anniversary of the network page.


1) New look on the website. I am working on owning my own domain and creating a website page that you and I both could interact more on a regular basis. Over the last few years, I have only had what my budget would allow me to have for my blogging business. Great things are happening and I can't wait to introduce it to you and the world.

2) More events. Hey planning 2 or 3 events for the blog is a big goal but achievable. These events can range from a luncheon to a major couple conference. The right venue is difficult to find but it is possible.

3) Creating more wear.  In year 3, we created a shirt that showcases our hashtag motto,  #BeingAWife. It was a great response to the wives. There are so many other items that I am creating with manufacturers to produce for the blog business. There is even a notebook and writing utensils in the making.

4) Stay consistent. I try to keep my editorial calendar handy and make the posts as schedule but LIFE HAPPENS!! But I am starting early to keep up with the calendar and work hard for my blogging business. If I don't appreciate it, then why should any one else. Creating content for the blog isn't the hard part, but staying on top of things is. I will create a team that will make this happen and create content that you can enjoy everyday.

Let's celebrate year 4 and make it GRAND!

Until next time,


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