Friday, July 15, 2016

The Perfect Lingerie

Whether you like to go and purchase a special piece of lingerie for a special evening or you have a drawer full of them that is collecting dust, how do you know you have gotten the perfect lingerie. Does your husband like lace and see through? Does your husband have a specific color? Does your husband like lingerie at all? How does it make you feel when you have it on? So many questions but so little answers. Well, let's see how you can pick out the "perfect lingerie".

The Peek-a-boo special.
It's black. It's lace. It's covering the areas you want to surprise him with. It's fits just right. The girls sit up perfectly. The back end, well let's just say, a little cheek action is always good. 

The "I am your wife and I love you a lot" gown.
It's a soft relaxing color. It's short. It's silk. It flares. It says take your time with me and enjoy. Almost reminds you of your wedding night lingerie.

The Birthday suit special.
Take your robe. Seal it tightly so there are no peek-a-boo areas. Allow him to unfasten the robe and see the light of your glory!

T-shirt and panties only.
Take one of his t-shirts and grab a pair of thongs or lace boxers (with the cheeks out) and stand in front of him to grab his attention. Hey something else will be at attention when he sees you.

The button down shirt only.
Take an old button down shirt of his and only fasten 4 of the buttons. Preferably the ones in the center of the shirt and roll up the sleeves.

Lingerie is there to allure the woman and excite the man. Funny thing, just count how many minutes you will have it on after he sees it.

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