Monday, July 25, 2016

What can Prayer do in a Marriage?

Hey, you and your husband are no longer two, you're one. Remember when you both made a vow before God and others, you officially accepted the fact that you are now "joined" together as one. Whether it's been your first year of marriage or twenty-five years, you have done what this post is about: PRAYER! But have you ever wondered what prayer can do to your marriage?

Let's see:

1) Prayer invites God into your marriage.  Having God as the foundation and center of your marriage is a necessity. Because without Him, there will be no marriages. There is nothing better than having an open level of communication with Christ. He ordained marriage, so why not go to Him about yours.

2) Prayer invites understanding into your marriage.  There have been times when you just don't understand why your husband would do this and that. God will give you peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Things will become clear of why your husband won't pick up that dirty sock from the floor. But it's not all just the husband, it's you also! Whoops...

3) Prayer invites submission into your marriage.  Yes, the "S" word, submission! When you submit to God about your marriage, you can then submit to your husband with no questions asked.

4) Prayer invites being a great example to others.  When you allow God to lead and guide you in your marriage and everyday life, the light of God while shine. Showing public affection. Showing real love. Showing that the small things matter in the marriage. Showing that God is in your marriage. Other will see it and wonder what do you have that they need in their marriage.

5) Prayer invites intimacy into your marriage.  God will show you many ways to be intimate with your spouse than just the physical part of intimacy. It will come through true love and understanding. This will also help you be submissive unto your husband without it being a burden.

6) Prayer invites unity into your marriage. God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV), but of peace. There is nothing better than the feeling of being unified with your spouse. When it's done between you two, then your children will be able to see it.

Prayer is an open communication line with God, that is never busy. If one is praying in the marriage, there is hope. But when two come together and pray, a mighty move of God will come and shift not only the atmosphere, but the marriage for the better.

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