Friday, December 9, 2016

'tis the Season...

This the season to be jolly, right? Not stressed or depressed but JOLLY! Jolly means to be happy and cheerful (Webster's Dictionary), so why do you let the stress get to you during this time of the year. The holidays are meant to make traditions and memories with your family.  One thing my husband and I do, we make sure that Christmas time is "our" holiday.  What that means is we create our own traditions and do things together.  On Thanksgiving we see both sides of the family and enjoy them all.  But Christmas Day, it's only for our household.  

Here's a list of 5 holiday tips to help out:

1) Don't STRESS! Easier said than done, huh? Well it is. Think about it. We all want to get our family want they want for Christmas and be happy. But, sometimes it just doesn't go that easy.  Get what you can and be satisfied with that.  Remember, bills don't stop because you want to splurge here and there for the holidays.

2) Make memories.  Create something that money can't buy. Enjoy the time with your family. Life is short now but we have to make the best of every second. Make it count.

3) Do something different. Traditions??? Who said they can't be broken? They can. Do something different with your family that you would normally not do around this time of the year. Hiking. Bike Riding. Ice Skating. Travel to a destination of your desire. Do something where as the years come, you think back on that "memory" and smile!

4) Don't over do it. What do I mean by that? Don't over spend to get gifts. Think about it. There are birthdays through out the year. There are special moments through out the year (good grades in school, promotion on job, just because). You do for your family throughout the year. Think about it and don't feel sorry for yourself that you couldn't do it. Trust me, your giving doesn't go unnoticed.

5) Take some "us" time out for the spouse. This time of the year, things pretty much slow down in life and you can start taking it easy. Calendars start to clear up. But there is one thing you can add to the calendar; Me & Hubby time.  Find a sitter. Dress nice. Go somewhere nice. Enjoy yourself.



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