Monday, February 6, 2017

10 Guy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Yes, ladies, February 14th is right around the corner.  Are you going to get him a gift? Are you wondering what to get him? Don't be selfish and wonder if he is getting you a gift. Just give him something to show your appreciation to him. You know he has gotten you gifts and you didn't have him anything. 

Here's a list of some nice male gift ideas to give him.

A Tool Kit. 
Every man wants to feel powerful when he has to fix something. Well, get him a tool kit where he will have all the necessary tools handy.

A Spa Treatment.
Tension. Knots. Tiredness. Soreness. They experience those things too. Grab a gift certificate to a spa (just for him) to relax and enjoy his self.

A Gift Card to His Favorite Store.
Not sure what to get him out of his favorite store? Well, just let him go in and get what he wants. Let him control it.

A Razor Kit.
The tools he need to groom his self everyday should be right there at his finger tips. Hey, he wants to look good too. Nothing better than a fresh and clean shave, ladies.

A Monogrammed Piece of Jewelry.
There is nothing better than seeing a special message or even a special date on a piece of jewelry. A ring. A watch. A bracelet.

There's nothing better than having a good smelling man next to you. Go out and pick up a cologne set that he likes.

A Monogrammed Work Bag.
He needs a new briefcase and/or a book bag that he takes to work everyday.  Have his name monogrammed on the bag

iPad. Bluetooth Headphones. Upgrade on his cell phone. Keep him up to date with the latest technology gadget to help him out on the go.

Bath Set.
A nice robe. Slippers. Massage pillow. A man likes to feel nice to after he has had a nice hot shower. Want to add a little something extra to it? Monogram it!

A Beer Gift Basket.
Grab his favorite beer and snacks. Create a basket that is filled with all of his favorites and allow him to indulge in it!

Have fun ladies and trust me, he will appreciate the gift and the thought!

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