Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Marriage is a Business

Who ever said that being married was going to be easy? Well, they lied. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Those words are priceless to any couple but, have you ever thought that your marriage is a business you own.  Think about it. There was a process of planning and preparation that took place before the wedding ceremony. But have you ever thought about your marriage being a business? Maybe not because your emotions are involved and it's with someone that you love dearly and you can grow with.  So, where does the business part come in at? I'm glad you asked. Let's see...

Before the ceremony, you have to go to the local Probate Court office to apply for a "marriage license". The marriage license gives you the right to enter into a partnership with the other person. Most states have a time frame requirement for apply for the license before the actual ceremony. Check with your local Probate Court office regarding their guidelines for the license.  You will also have to a filing fee.  The filing fee is the fee that is charged by the court system to file the license into the records. You apply for the license. You received the form to have the officiant that's performing the ceremony signed off witnessing it.  After the ceremony, you will return signed completed license application back to your local Probate Court office and then it happens, you get the OFFICIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE. This is a legal doctrine and is designed as a contract agreed upon both parties to partake in such agreement.  Now, the work begins.

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After the ceremony, that's when the marriage begins. Every day is not going to be the same but you both strive for the best. You sit down and right out your goals that you have for your marriage. Create short and long term goals. Set up financial accounts. Reconcile the financial accounts. Grow the marriage by growing your family. The kids are like your employees. Your husband is the CEO/President and you are the Executive Director. You purchase a building (the home) to register your family to house in. You have accounts receivable and payable you handle. There is so much that takes place in the marriage, that is handle like a business on a regular day. Just like you would run your business how you want to. You will handle your marriage of how you would want it to be. The level of respect. The ins and the outs. As the years go by, go back and review your goals to update them.

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Keep your marriage strong everyday. Not on the days that you and/or him are feeling good and things are going good. You want your marriage to be in the number of still going strong, not the "Out of Business" status.

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