Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stress vs Balance Survey

I'm stressed to the max and I can't take it anymore.  
My life is so easy and calm, I'm so balanced. 

Sit down with your spouse and take this survey together. At the end, tally up each of your scores and see what level you are at. Talk it over and make it better. 

Strongly Disagree (1)      Disagree (2)     Neither (3)     
Agree(4)     Strongly Agree(5)

1) Before I lay down, I am not pleased with myself because I didn't complete all of my tasks for the day.

2) It is hard to schedule a family outing because my spouse's schedule is always booked with something.

3) I find myself trying to be the "super" person for the family.

4) Every time I try to schedule something for myself, I have to cancel it because I focus on my family.

5) Do you allow your home to be messy because you don't have time to clean up?

6) Does clutter bother you?

7) Do you think you are over stressed or very balanced?

8) Can you write 5 sentences about yourself without adding someone else in the statement?

9) While on vacation, do you think about things back at home?

10) Can you turn off your cell phone, tablet/iPad, or any other mobile electronic device for a day and be satisfied?

Tally up your scores and match with the following:
8 - 15 Way to go! You are doing very well to balance work and family. Keep it going
16-20 Okay, time to check out a few areas in life to manage better and get balanced
21-30 WHOA!!! You are stressing yourself to the MAX. Very important for you and your spouse to sit down and make a plan of how to get back on track.

Good luck!! 


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