Monday, May 29, 2017

15 Texts to Send to your Spouse

If you are the type of wife that wants to text something to your husband throughout the day, but can't think of what to text, maybe these texts will help. You know sometimes we want to say it, but we can't get enough courage up to do so. It can also make the moment at home seeing each other after a long day at work even better. 

Thinking of You: 
  1. Hey there handsome! 
  2. Just thinking about all the great times we have with each other 
  3.  Hope you are having a great day. 
  4.  I love spending time with you. 
  5.  Just wanted to say I love you. 

  1. Hey what's up on you and me tonight?? 
  2. I'm sure you've had a hard day at work, so you get a massage from me tonight. 
  3. Hey, last night was part 1. Tonight, part 2. 
  4. How about a nice bubble bath together tonight? 
  5. Tonight, I want to please you. 

  1. Hey, I'm sorry about what I said last night. 
  2. I'm sorry for making it seems as if I don't support you. 
  3. I'm sorry you are having a bad day at work.  Anything, I can do to help? 
  4. I'm sorry for the way I reacted. That was out of my character. 
  5. I know I don't do everything right, but I'm trying to be the best I can for you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 


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