Thursday, September 7, 2017

Are You Still Holding His Hands?

Wives, do you remember when you first got married and you and your husband use to hold hands ALL the time? You would even hold hands while dating and it just felt so good because you were connected to your man. The electricity would shoot through your body and at that moment you whispered to yourself "this feels so damn good. This will never end." Holding his hand gives you protection.  Holding his hand gives you confidence. Holding his hand reminds you of the love that you both have for each other. 

But what happens when you stop holding hands? Its been days, weeks, months, even years since the last time you both held each others hand. Work. Children. Sports. Family. Hangouts. Finances. Arguments. Communication level is off balance. So much can happen in a marriage, you become distant to each other. Holding hands with him? Please! I rather watch paint dry. Some wives, feel this way. 

There is still hope. If he doesn't grab your hand, grab his hand. He will probably look at you in shock but hold his hand and hold it tight. Tight to express the love you have for him. Tight so he will know that you are still in this. Tight enough so that he will start holding yours tight. It doesn't take a lot to get things going, you just have to get it going. Pick back up and start back holding his hand. It's worth it! 

Don't allow the bad things to overrule the marriage where you start to think there is no fixing to this so call marriage. There is a way to fix this and pick back up where you both left off at. Pray about. Talk about. Reflect on it. Keep the good going, again. Is it going to be fixed overnight? Hell, no. I mean, Rome wasn't built overnight. But it was built. So, start rebuilding your marriage and yes it can start with, holding hands! 


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