Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy National Spouses Day

You've never heard of this? Wait, me either but hey it's fun though! Today is #NationalSpousesDay.  Is this an official holiday? No. BUT, if you're married, you can make it an official holiday. 

This day is set aside to recognize all of the happily married couples all over. Every day is spouse day as long as you are still I think this is fun and cute. Recognizing your spouse for America to see it is great. Thank you, America for this day because I thought that you were against marriages.  The divorce rate is so high and a lot of people don't respect marriages anymore because society has looked down on them. 

Now, every day should be happy spouses day. But America, made this day a little extra special for all the spouses. 

5 Things you both can do to recognize today: 

5) Send each other cute reminders of fun things done within the marriage. This will put the spark back into the both of your eyes and you will fall in love all over again. 
4) Text each other 5 selfie pictures of you both together. Reminiscing about what took place when that pic was taken. 
3) Send a simple I love you text. While at work, things can be and get a little hectic. 
2) Share your favorite pic of each other on social media and tag them in it! 
1) Send a "can't wait to see you later" message. The heart does ponder about things to come. Make it extra special. 

Here's a photo of me and my spouse! 

Enjoy today and all the days to come! 


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