Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scheduling Sex with your Spouse

What's that? You didn't know that this existed? Well, it does.

Life is SO BUSY and sometimes you might just forget about having sex with your spouse. Yes, it can happen. Typical day outline: 

5:30 am - Wake up to prepare for your day 
5:35 am - Meditation 
5:45 am - Get the kids up to get them ready for school 
6:30 am - Get yourself ready for work 
7:10 am - Load everyone in the car
7:30 am - drop kids off at school 
8:30 am - You get to work 
8:35 am - You get a text message that your son left his lunch and you have to send money electronically so he can eat lunch. 
9:15 am - urgent email comes across your screen informing you that you had a deadline of today on an assignment. 
12:30 pm - You go to lunch 
1:30 pm - you go back to work 
3:48 pm - you turn in your assignment 
3:49 pm - you take a deep sigh 
3:50 pm - you start to wonder what's for dinner 
4:30 pm - you clock out of work 
4:45 pm - you get to the interstate only to find out there is an accident up further from you and traffic is bumper to bumper
4:46 pm - you call your spouse to see if he can pick the kids up but he reminds you that it was the night for him to work late and you forgot 
4:52 pm - you call the after school care to let them know you are going to be late because of traffic 
5:00 pm - traffic starts to move but you are still running behind
5:30 pm - traffic is still bumper to bumper moving slow but it's moving 
6:00 pm - you are now 15 minutes out from the afterschool
6:01 pm - you are now thinking about the late fee you will have to pay (double might I add) 
6:17 pm - you pull up to the afterschool and get the kids 
6:35 pm - you load the kids in the car 
7:20 pm - you pull up at home 
7:35 pm - you go to the kitchen and get something out to cook
7:36 pm - you are talking to the kids and helping with homework while cooking 
8:30 pm - you sit the kids down to eat dinner 
8:32 pm - hubby walks in the door from work 
8:37 pm - hubby sits at the dinner table 
9:10 pm - you take the kids to the bathroom to get them ready to go to bed 
9:40 pm - you put the kids in the bed and kiss them goodnight 
10:00 pm - you go back to the kitchen to clean up 
10:45 pm - you are dragging yourself to the bedroom 
11:20 pm - you are OUT LIKE A LIGHT

...and you start it all back over in just a few hours. 

Now, it can vary depending on how the day starts, go, and end. But you notice that in that timeline it was not much communication or time spent with the spouse? And it was on both ends, not just one. So that comes to my question.

Is it a bad thing to schedule sex with your spouse? 

Some may so no. Some may say yes. I say IT'S NOT! If it has been a long time since you and your spouse have been intimate with each other due to your busy schedule, then you might need to add that to your schedule. This is not stupid tactic because overwhelming is real and life with responsibilities is real. So don't think that this can't happen, because guess what, it can.  Have my husband and I had to schedule time for each other physically, that answer will be YES! 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a tired girl.

So let's not be like Jack and Jill and get some more spunk into both of your lives and make your marriage work again. 

How to set up the "appointment". 

1) Go to your calendar and pick a day that you and he don't have anything to do but be at home. Schedule a babysitter (if needed), and add it to the calendar. 

2) Send an invite to him to add to his calendar. 

3) Set up reminders on your phone. 

4) Make sure NOTHING is scheduled or will be SCHEDULED for that evening. 

5) Make the best of it! 

Do not be embarrassed by this because it happens to us all. It's called LIFE. You have to do what's best for you and your husband. 


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