Monday, May 28, 2018

Emotional Affair vs Physical Affair

There is a word listed in the title that we never want to hear about...AFFAIR!! But let's be real, it happens. You have two different types of affairs: emotional and physical. Temptation is real but you don't have to fall into the trap of it. Sometimes, it's just best to stay away from those "tempted thoughts and areas" to be on the safe side.

Emotional Affair 

Have you ever heard of such? Oh, YES!! 

How do you get caught up in such a thing? Well, it all starts with a simple conversation and both of you are saying things that the other person wants to hear. There's a smile. There's a text message. There's a phone call. There's an event that you all plan to be there, but not together, but together. 

Can you gain feelings for the other person throughout this type of affair? Yes, you can. You start thinking about his person, all the time. You find yourself having these butterflies for the other person that you once have for your own husband. It can even go as bad you start to think about having a life with this person and starting over. 

Can this turn into something physical? Yes, it can. It is very dangerous if it turns into something physical. 

Physical Affair 

How does a physical affair start? It can start with an emotional affair. You both talk about taking it to the next level and meet up and WHAM...the physical attraction starts. 

Can you stop it? You can stop anything that you start. Someone in the midst of this has to be the bigger person and say that this is not right! It needs to be stopped before it becomes to technical. Meaning, an STD, a pregnancy, or even worse someone gets hurts, physically, in the midst. 

Can feelings come from this? Most definitely. If it has gotten to a physical point, then the feelings are technically are already there. But, if you can stop them from going any further, then PLEASE DO!!! 

Many relationships have started through both of these. Some are even married, now. But this is something that is done every day. But you, yes you, have the power to stop it if you are in one of these types of relationship. This is not safe any way around. No one deserves this type of treatment.

If you are feeling bored, not love, or just need more attention, go to your spouse and talk to him. Tell him what you are needing and what's missing in the marriage for you.

Trust me, your marriage is worth fighting for!


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