Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spousal Support is Major!

"I'll support you!" "I'm your biggest fan!" "I'm here if no one else is!" 

Being married, those are some words that we all want to hear, right? If you don't hear them, how would you feel? Upset? Sad? Depressed? Avoided? Overlooked? 

Do you have to hear these words? If you do, how would that make you feel? Happy? Joyful? Elated? Purposeful? 

Spousal support (on the end that is not dealing with money) is something every person in a marriage wants and sometimes needs. When you see or hear of spousal support, it brings you to the thought of being divorced and receiving monies from the ex-spouse. Well, that's not the case, this time.  If you and your spouse is not at the same level to better each other and support each other, then I suggest sitting down and expressing how the BOTH of you feel. Having one's support and not the other is very unbalance and it is going to be difficult to deal with. I mean, you are married to each other. You share deep moments. You see each other naked, literally. You've seen him at his best/worse and vice-versa. 

Ladies, we have to support them. Gentlemen, you have to support us. There is no okay you do it and we will both be fine with it. NO!!! Why would you want to do that? Who wants to deal with that; in a MARRIAGE? It goes both ways. Whether it is dealing with a favorite hobby, job promotion, church-related, going back to school, whatever it may be. 

Take the time out to pay attention to what each other likes and dislikes. Normally, this is something that you pay attention to BEFORE getting married, BUT, you are still learning each other AFTER you get married and years to come. 

Do it! It's worth it! 


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