Thursday, July 19, 2018

Going Forward in Year 6

For days now, since the special day, I have dreaded in writing this post, but my Blogiversary for The Journey of Being a Wife was on July 5th. It is year 6 for the blog. I should be happy right? Wrong! I didn't want to write it because I did not achieve what I wanted in year 5 and I kind of feel like a failure. I said to myself I made this big post about what I was going to do in year 5 and guess what, I didn't even do half of the list. Yeah, that kind of suck. Honestly, I dealt with more personal issues during this time, blogging was kind of not on my mind. 

But while I was at my full-time job, it hit me. Do the post. Tell them why you didn't want to do it. Tell them the truth. And as Gru would say on Despicable Me, LIGHTBULB!! Meaning ah ha...that's it. Just be real with my audience. I mean that is what you guys want anyway right? Now if you want me to create you a fairy tale, I can but I don't think you would want that. 

I love my blog. I love blogging. I love my community. I love being able to reach other married women and encourage them. That is what makes me want to keep going. There have been many times I wanted to give up and say I'm not going to do it anymore. Even when I was having hard times in my own marriage, I said, I'm throwing it all away. Yep, I said it. But it hit me that if I throw it away, then what? What have I accomplished? Have I let the devil win? And, I'm sorry I am not about to let that happen.  

Right before July 5th, I started working with a logo designer to work with me to create a look that is classy and chic. Less is more right? I have been avoiding the emails from her because I just could not motivate myself to keep this thing going. But as I was checking my email and I came across one of her emails and saw the design, the LIGHTBULB, went off again. I have been asked to speak at a Blogging & Business event in August. I am also set for a professional photo shoot for the blog, that was a great opportunity of how it came. There have been so many small blessings that I have come across to remind me that I should keep this going and press my way through and I am so thankful for them. God knows just how to get our attention, doesn't He? 

So after I have had these mini blessings and reminders to come through, it has yet given me hope again. So I lift my glass up to year 6 of blogging. I am going to make realistic goals instead of the ones that I look back at and say, oh I can't do that. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That is what the Word says, right? 

So, if I haven't been consistent in the way that I should, I apologize.  If I haven't been posting things that you want to see and feel the difference, I apologize.  If I haven't been beneficial to you in any way, I apologize.    This year, I want to be more realistic and committed to this blogging thing and to you. That is the main goal I want to keep and I know everything else will come to head to make it grow.

Thank you to those that have stayed with me and thank you in advance for the ones to come. 



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