Thursday, July 26, 2018

Inspire Each Other

Many marriages find themselves going against each other instead of working with each other. That is NOT what a marriage is. 

This morning as I was typing this post, I received this message from my husband and little does he know, we are both in sync with the subject, but from different angles. The message said: If you are in a relationship and one partner is stagnant (no personal growth/professional growth/no motivation to grow, etc., is it your responsibility to motive/encourage them? Is it just simply time to leave? Or simply put What role should the motivated partner play in the scenario? 

Now, that's a lot all in one but this was my reply: I'm not going to say responsibility because it will feel as if it was being forced for the person to be better. First, it's best to sit down and talk about it together. Then, as days come and go, simply do something to inspire each to do better individually and collectively. 

Okay, it is THE BEST feeling to know that you and your husband are thinking the same thing and you two not know it until it is discussed. I'm a true sucker for a great conversation and learning. 

Married couples should inspire each other and bring out the best in each other. It's not a competition, but only a way to make your marriage the "idea" of marriage. You may do something and your husband looks at it as well she is trying to do better so I need to do better and vice-versa. Each time has its own space. You can't force him to do it when you think he needs to do it, and he can't force you to do it when he thinks you need to do it. So many marriages fail at this one little thing. It's little because we should not be focused on changing the other person but how to come together to change for the better of the marriage. 

If you have a child(ren), they are looking at you both. You should be working together to show your child(ren) that this is the kind of marriage I want when I grow up. Not, okay, the husband do his thing and the wife do her thing, and they "might" sleep in the bed together. NOPE! The meaning of the word inspire is to help someone with the ability to do something creative. Many keywords in that statement, but I will focus on the word help. Help (inspire) each other to become better. Help (inspire) each other to become one. Help (inspire) each other to make it work for the marriage. Help (inspire) each other to want more in life individually and collectively. Help (inspire) each other to be positive. 


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