Wednesday, August 22, 2018

30 Ways to Romance your Husband

Marriage should never have a dull moment. Each second of the day should be something either exciting, meaningful, and educational in a marriage. Are you so busy that you don't have time to romance your husband? Well, you know the simple things don't take much effort to do, so get to it. 

30 Ways to Romance Your Husband 

1) Text "I Love You". 

2) Check on him throughout the day 

3) Make time 

4) Send an encouraging message 

5) Go on dates. 

6) Give a personal massage.

7) Show love on a regular basis.

8) Make him a priority. 

9) Pray for him and together. 

10) Show Gratitude. 

11) Give a gift. 

12) Pack a lunch and put a special note in it. 

13) Give a compliment. 

14) Show public affection. 

15) Use your imagination, sexually. 

16) R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

17) Listen!! Don't just take in what you want to hear. 

18) Hold Hands, often! 

19) Give a hug. 

20) Spoil him.

21) Be the girlfriend! 

22) Let him be the man in the relationship. 

23) Do things that he enjoys doing. 

24) Take a trip together. 

25) Go on a movie date. 

26) Breakfast in bed. 

27) Encourage him. 

28) Surprise him.

29) Praise him in front of family, the kids, and friends. 

30) Give him a lap special! 

Try out a few of these idea to romance your husband and make him feel special, in a good way! 


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