Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Holding Hands Builds the Marriage

When was the last time you held hands with your spouse?
Is this important? Should I do this? 
Why is this a factor? 

I begin this post with these questions so you can see where this is going. So many hold hands. So many don't hold hands. Holding hands is part of this intimacy. Intimacy is a warm feeling in a close relationship. A marriage is a close relationship. Well, at least I hope so. 

First question: 
When was the last time you held hands with your spouse? 
If your answer is either "I don't know" or "We don't hold hands", that can be a little problem. Holding hands is as simple as saying "I love you". It doesn't have to be for a long period of time your holding hands. It can be for 5 minutes. Like Nike says, Just Do It

Second question: 
Is this important? 
Why yes it is! It brings intimacy (yep, that again). It brings electricity. It brings love. It brings comfort. This should be something mandatory just like sex. Sex is important. Also, it's fun! 

Third question: 
Should I do this? 
Yes, you both should. It will almost take you back to a kid at heart having a crush on someone and you look down at your hand and it shows you that you have a lifetime partnership with this crush! 

Forth and final question: 
Why is this a factor? 
It contributes to the result of an accomplishment of beating the odds in being married. Society doesn't look up to marriage anymore and that is a sad feeling. Marriage is ordained by God, so the only position for it is to be good. You both may be busy with life's ups and downs. But you should never be too busy where you can't hold hands with each other. 

Try it! 

It's so worth it. You have to fight for your marriage!! 


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